Keller Sports:
Competing better with Odoo.

Company:   Keller Group GmbH (Keller Sports)  

Location:  Munich, Germany  

Industry:  Retail (sports)  

Partner name:  Oocademy (trademark of Mainframe Monkey)  

Odoo account manager:  Laura Koedam  

Apps implemented:  Contacts, Sales, Documents, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, along with 19 custom apps with connectors to 9 other systems and 19 webshops  

Company size:  150 people    

Number of Odoo users:  60+
Hosting type:  On-premise

About Keller Sports

Keller Sports is a Munich-based company found in 2005. The brand was born from the conviction that every person has the right to a fulfilled life. They believe that sports activities are an essential part of keeping a healthy body and mind. Today, they are the leading digital premium provider of sports services, sports products and unique content - all with a Premium membership at its core.

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Outgrowing Legacy Systems

The Keller Sports website was launched in 2005 and has since experienced tremendous growth in revenue and retail orders. In 2011, the company implemented a SaaS ERP Software which worked well for a while but as the company grew, the software was unable to keep up. Today Keller Sports has over 19 webshops, a subscription (premium membership) and an interactive sports app (KELLER sMILES). With all the new shops and services, the SaaS ERP tool reached its limits. In addition to the software becoming more and more expensive, it became quite a big legacy in terms of software infrastructure. Extending the SaaS product with the company’s needs always required involvement of the SaaS company which was a slow and time consuming process. Keller Sports was in need of an ERP solution that was more flexible and could quickly adapt to their needs.

As the digital leader for sport services, products and content, Keller Sports has a lot to offer its customers and thus needed to handle a lot in Odoo. Prior to Odoo, the company used multiple systems. Data was stored in multiple areas, not in sync and the company had to maintain multiple systems. 

By switching to Odoo and using custom apps on top of the default Odoo apps, Keller Sports was able to connect with all their systems in one central place. From one place they were able to manage almost everything. This enabled the company to help customers faster and keep track of the huge amounts of data processed.

Currently Keller Sports use Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Documents, Inventory, Contacts in addition to custom apps developed by Odoo Partner Oocademy.


All 19 stores and their contacts are synced to Odoo. Thanks to the contacts app, Keller Sports is able to manage all customer data in one place. It has enabled them to find all the details related to a customer in seconds. This has been a big help to the customer support team who are now able to support customers faster.


All sales made in Keller’s retail stores are managed in Odoo. As sales and the connectors with external partners are all managed in one central place, Keller is able to automatically send shipping details and picking slips to their warehouses for delivery. They can also connect shipments and refunds to sale orders. Thanks to this, Keller can see where any sales order is and its status at any time.  


As Keller Sports sell a lot of products, they also need to buy a lot of products. The Purchase app enables them to keep track of purchase orders. With specialized data connections, Keller Sports can now exchange product data, stocks and sales information with suppliers in real-time. The next feature the company would like to integrate is AI to purchases so that they can buy even more accurately and further balance supply and demand.


With international sales from 19 different stores, Keller Sports generates many invoices and bookings. Odoo Accounting is used for all accounting reports. Thanks to the fiscal positions along with custom general ledger accounts and journals all bookings are automated. This saves a lot of time on booking and managing accounting data and thanks to the advanced exporting features from Odoo they can easily pivot the company’s data for specific information. Odoo Accounting is really helping the BI & accounting team access better and faster insights.


All stocks are managed in Odoo. The customizations added to Odoo Inventory enable the sport retailer to calculate available stocks and provide stores with the right amount of stock. Due to the granularity of the custom code on top of Odoo, Keller Sports can see a history of all stock changes. Odoo allows the company to manage over 500,000 products with details and stocks all fully automated.


In addition to being sold, products are also returned thus requiring refunding. Thanks to a custom refunding app, refunds in Odoo are now 100% automatically calculated and paid back within minutes after receiving a return. The customer care team can find any order, its returns and its refunds within seconds. They no longer need to manually mark refunds and pay them out through various PSP platforms. The refunds module has reduced the time taken to handle returns by more than 75%.

Using Odoo has given Keller Sports the flexibility to connect to every part of their business processes. For example, the company has customers that pay for premium services via a subscription. When premium customers order products, the company needs to give this information to their logistics and warehouse, so that these orders can be prioritized. In the after sales process, Keller Sports is able to treat them extra special as they can clearly see in Odoo, who is a premium member.

"Compete better with Odoo."

Florian Otte • Chief Technical Officer

Keller Sports’ Odoo implementation has been a big success. The flexibility that Odoo offers along with the possibilities for customizing from a code perspective has been a real added value. The previous ERP system the company used before couldn’t adapt so fast. Now Keller Sports can switch and adapt at a much faster pace. Employees can now do their jobs faster and are big fans of features such as customizing views or being able to export all data to Excel.

The sports retailer is also saving around 50% on costs compared to their previous SaaS solution. With everything centralized, the company saves a lot of time on most processes. The customer care team can now conduct refunds twice as fast than they were previously able to do before. Keller Sports is now ready for the next chapter where they can help their customers faster and whilst also quickly adapting to changing markets.

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